The following allows you to specify the behavior of pinax-notifications in your project. Please be aware of the native Django settings which can affect the behavior of pinax-notification.


Formerly, this setting was NOTIFICATION_BACKENDS.

Defaults to:

    ("email", ""),


This is a proposed common setting across the Pinax ecosystem. It currently may not be consistant across all apps.

Formerly, this setting was DEFAULT_HTTP_PROTOCOL and defaulted to http.

It now defaults to False.

This is used to specify the beginning of URLs in the default email_body.txt file. A common use-case for overriding this default might be https for use on more secure projects.


Formerly, this setting was NOTIFICATION_LANGUAGE_MODULE

There is not set default for this setting. It allows users to specify their own notification language.

Example model in a languages app::

from django.conf import settings

class Language(models.Model):

    user = models.ForeignKey(User)
    language = models.CharField(max_length=10, choices=settings.LANGUAGES)

Setting this value in



Defaults to webmaster@localhost and is a standard Django setting.

Default e-mail address to use for various automated correspondence from


Defaults to a tuple of all available languages and is a standard Django setting.

The default for this is specifically used for things like the Django admin. However, if you need to specify a subset of languages for your site’s front end you can use this setting to override the default. In which case this is the definated pattern of usage::

gettext = lambda s: s

    ("en", gettext("English")),
    ("fr", gettext("French")),


Formerly, this setting was NOTIFICATION_QUEUE_ALL.

It defaults to False.

By default, calling notification.send will send the notification immediately, however, if you set this setting to True, then the default behavior of the send method will be to queue messages in the database for sending via the emit_notices command.


Formerly, this setting was NOTIFICATION_LOCK_WAIT_TIMEOUT.

It defaults to -1.

It defines how long to wait for the lock to become available. Default of -1 means to never wait for the lock to become available. This only applies when using crontab setup to execute the emit_notices management command to send queued messages rather than sending immediately.